What is searching service?

#Our searching service is for you to find vacant houses in the area of your choice according to your requirements  Our team member will search for you the vacant houses in the specified area and will provide updates on the houses that match your requirements.  All house details will be provided.

How do team members work?  

#Our team verifies whether the vacant house is available in the preferred area as per your requirement, within 36 to 48 hours our team members start searching for the house in the preferred area.  Almost 90% area is covered to find vacant houses.  After that provide updates of all the vacant houses that can be found.


What are the benefits of taking the service? 

 – You can choose the house by looking at the picture/video.

 – Get countless home details.

 – You can see all houses within 1 km

 – Our team will view the home and give you a rating to give you an idea of the home

 – You will get the update within 36-48 hours.

 – Your time and effort will be saved.




What are the disadvantages?

Your preferred area may not have vacancies as per requirement.

It is never possible to confirm how many houses are available in your required area as per your budget. If you don’t like the house after seeing the video or pictures, we have nothing to do about it.



Sarching fee :1000/- only.


**Payment advance should be done through bkash method








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